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Quarter Horse Reining Prospects out of Proven Mares. NRHA prospects from top stallions in the industry.

OT Patience Poles

Our patience poles are made of 3" pipe, 11 feet in length unburied. (We recommend that the poles be buried 3 feet) They are painted black and come with hardware attachments.  The arm is 24" in length and moves freely so your horse can move around the pole without becoming snubbed to the pole.  A great tool for training your horse and it gives you an alternative option for tying out.     Video coming soon.   Email or call and leave a message to order or inquire.         $200

Dude on the Patience Pole - Video coming soon.


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(918) 288-7179

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Tom & Lee Redding

9205 N. Delaware Ave.

Sperry, OK 74073

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